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The Customer shall be entitled to return any part to M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L within 14 (fourteen) days after the Delivery/Pick-up Date, for credit or exchange, provided that:

1. The part must be unopened in its original packaging in a resalable condition;

2. M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L will charge a restocking fee of 15% (fifteen per cent) of the price for the part to the Customer, unless M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L incorrectly supplied the part

3. No lubricants, electrical parts, specially built hoses or dry charged batteries filled with acid will be accepted by M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L for returns, unless incorrectly supplied by M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L 

4. The Customer will not be entitled to a credit on emergency and/or airfreight surcharges, unless the part was incorrectly supplied by M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L 

5. The Customer will be liable for all transport costs, unless M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L incorrectly supplied the part

6. Notwithstanding the above, parts classified as “Non-Returnable” shall not be refundable by M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L to the Customer.


The Customer must pay the full amount owing in terms of the Trading Account to M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS S.A.L. upon pickup or delivery in cash bank notes or transfer outside Lebanon to a specified bank account.

 The Customer shall pay any amount payable by it in terms of the Quotation: 

(a) In the currency set out in the quotation, read together with the Acceptance; 

(b) Free of bank and other charges and without any deduction or set-off or withholding

(c) By way of electronic funds transfer into the bank account specified by M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS in the invoice. 

(d) If quotation amounted below $1,000, payment must be fulfilled upon delivery, cash is accepted in both local and foreign currency as for check payments must be issued in local currency equivalent to the market dollar rate as per Lebanese pound.

(e) If quotation amount exceeds $1,000, a payment must be made in advance in USD cash bank notes or transfer the amount abroad to a predefined bank account.

Despite M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS giving its approval for a particular method of payment, all risk in and to a particular means of payment shall remain with the Customer. A payment by the Customer is only considered to have been made, once the full amount of that payment is available to M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS as freely available funds in its nominated bank account.


M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS shall issue an invoice to the Customer in respect of any Acceptance before or at the time of Delivery. Such invoice will be paid by the Customer: where the Customer has a Trading Account with M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS 

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all invoices shall be made payable in the currency set out in the invoice.

Should M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS agree to delivery in part, the deliveries will be invoiced separately and must be paid immediately.


Where any amount payable under a Contract is based on an exchange rate, that exchange rate shall be set out in the quotation. 

The Customer agrees to bear the risk in any variation in the exchange rate of the Lebanese Pound against the applicable foreign currency in accordance with the terms set out in the quotation, from the date of quotation until the date of payment.


The Customer acknowledges that it understands its financial obligations in terms of the Contract and agrees to the breakdown of these financial obligations as set out in the quotation and confirmed in the Acceptance.

The Customer warrants that it has the power and capacity and has obtained all necessary authorizations and consents to enter into, and perform its obligations under, the Contract and such other agreements and arrangements referred to in the Contract, and that it enters into the Contract voluntarily.


Upon request, M.Ezzat Jallad & FILS will prepare a quotation for the Customer in respect of any required Services or parts which will remain valid for the period stated in the quotation, which period shall not exceed 30 (thirty) calendar days, if by any means a quotation holding a local currency the stated validity will not apply.

The quotation shall set out an estimate of the fee payable for the Services & Parts and will not be binding on M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L until accepted in terms of clause. 


The Customer acknowledges that its authorized representative will be present at the handover/delivery of the Goods. To the extent that the authorized representative is not present at the handover/delivery, the Customer acknowledges that such information regarding the Goods will be given to the person collecting/receiving the Goods on its behalf, and that it is the Customer’s obligation to ensure that such information is effectively communicated to all persons as it deems fit.