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Cat® Product Link is a remote monitoring system that gives you more timely, useful information about how your equipment is performing so you can better manage your fleet for maximum efficiency and productivity, and control your owning and operating costs.


  • Intuitive New VisionLink™ Interface
    Product Link takes advantage of satellite and mobile networks for coverage of locations. It offers capabilities with a remarkably intuitive interface—VisionLink—that makes it easy to monitor data from your whole fleet, then zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets.
  • Reduce Owning & Operating Costs
    Enhanced features let you monitor daily fuel usage, for maximum efficiency and track equipment utilization day by day, hour by hour. It provides the information you need to reassign equipment where it is needed most to maximize utilization.

Moreover, it provides various features:

  • See your entire fleet at a glance.
  • Easily locate and “zoom in” on a single machine.
  • Track asset movement over any specified time period.
  • See fuel status, work vs. idle time, upcoming service and more.
  • Easily plan and track maintenance.
  • Send alerts to the people who need them via email or text message.
  • Customize views to quickly see specified groups of machines, all equipment on a job site, what equipment is due for service and much more.


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